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Time Out Tuesday Virtual Edition 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Due to the pandemic and the closing of Time Out Tuesday's former home, in 2020 we moved to virtual sessions. "Time Out Tuesday " is a program designed for us all to take a time out for mental health. Learn a new skill, hobby, and fun activity that is appropriate for all ages. While we learn how to develop new and creative skills we couple this with conversation geared towards mental health and wellness development from within and socially. Come take a time out with us!

Time Out Tuesday: A Guided Meditation with Christine

Grab a nice cup of tea and find a nice quiet space and enjoy this Time Out Tuesday, a guided meditation with Christine Lewis! If you loved this session you can follow Christine on Instagram & Facebook: @littlewomanlavender

Time Out Tuesday: Bubble Painting

Join us as the wonderful Bianca shows us how to make bubble paint prints using household items!

Time Out Tuesday: Heavy Sage Metal Yoga

Shannon guides us through a rocking' heavy metal yoga session! Rock and relax with us!


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