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The Last Letter Project

Last Letter Project’s name was inspired by a series of letters left by our friend, Garrett. In the face of recieving a last letter from a loved one, feeling any type of closure is daunting. Sometimes there is no letter. Wheter there is a letter or not, we often find ourselves reeling in the missed opportunity to say things left unsaid. This is a space to release those feelings. Please take this time to write a letter to someone lost to mental health or addiction struggles.  Tell them something you wish you could have had the chance to. Write something that has happened that you wish they could have been a part of. Tell them how losing them made you feel. It’s your turn to write a letter, make it your own.

We know this can be hard so here are some prompts to help:

Dear ___________: 

I want you to know that: 

I wish I could tell you:

The thing I miss most:


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