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Time Out Tuesday 2018 at HiveMind

Time Out Tuesday is a mental health themed series that covers a variety of topics. These events have a guest speaker and a great interactive dialogue with a fun related activity. Topics have ranged from guided meditation, dogs as emotional support companions, art therapy with and more. You never know what we’ll be doing next!

Below is a summary of 2018 Time Out Tuesday sessions:

Out of the DARK and into the BARK: How a furry Companion can enrich your life!

June 5, 2018

Featured Speakers from Gold Star Training & L'Chaim Canine about -service dogs -emotional support animals -positive reinforcement training -therapy dogs and trainers

Pet the Pooch!- Dogs available for loving

Food Samples and more with Mutton Hill Sheep Dogs!

Dog treats and people treats available from Pop & Goo's Bakery

Hike to Happy!

July 3, 2018

Please join us in taking a TIME OUT for mental health. We will be painting rocks after our speakers. If you would like to paint a rock, please consider donating a dollar to Last Letter Project so that we may keep these events running. We will also have a sign-up for a group hike, more information on the hike coming soon!

Featured Speaker: Anthony Ondrous "Someone told me to take a hike, so I DID: An Appalachian Trail thru-hike Journey"

Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Northeast Ohio Rocks! will be there with more information and rock painting! ALL AGES // OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

A community hike was held August 5.

Turn Off Your Mind

Guided Meditation with Emma Jochum

September 4, 2018

This class is great for first timers! Emma will go over benefits and the mechanics of meditation. Some benefits of meditation include stress relief, reduced anxiety, lowered risk of depression, reduction of chronic pain, improved sleep quality- and so much more!

Join us for an hour long sesh set to stoner rock, doom metal, ambient noise, and more. Aromatherapy and mini massage is also included in this practice. Fuzz out, relax, and leave your worries at the door.

Embrace the Mess Paper Marbling with Bianca Burwell

October 2, 2018 -Make your own marbled paper -presentation about creativity and mental health

Aren't the artsy type? That's ok! It's just as much about the mess, as it is the creativity!

Art Therapists Dianne from the Hull Institute and Lacy from Community Support Services will be there to talk about the benefits of art and mental health.

This event is ALL AGES! Mental Health effects us all! It's OK to not be ok!

Pumpkin Carving

November 6, 2018

With Halloween right behind us and the holidays in front of us we thought it would be great to take a Time Out and do some pumpkin carving! Sometimes getting out of the house and doing something fun with your friends can be very soothing to the mind so we invite you and your friends to come have a blast with Last Letter Project and carve some pumpkins on us!

LLP will be sponsoring the pumpkins! Come take a time out with your LLP family and get ready for the holidays!

Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Twist Creative Solutions to Holiday Stress

December 4, 2018 The holidays can be overwhelming for so many different reasons, but they don't have to be! Join us as we cover topics pertaining to holiday stress. We'll be doing a giveaway from Nervous Dog Coffee, & a holiday survival basket provided by LLP. We will also have light refreshments provided by Pop & Goo's Bakery. We will be making ornaments, for your tree or as a gift, with Bianca Burwell!

As always these events are free and kid friendly!


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