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Speedbump Fest 2018

The third annual Speebump Fest was held on October 6, 2018. Speedbump Fest is a memorial show for Garrett Janos, a wonderful friend who left us too soon. Speedbump Fest is also about mental health awareness. It's ok to not be ok and Speedbump Fest is here to celebrate that! This year we had a couple of fun additions. We had mental health tables setup with lots of information and wellness. We also held the raffle, with lots of great prizes to be had! On the second stage we held the RAGE CAGE at Speedbump Fest. We figured, stress comes at us from every angle each day it seems, so let's get some of that frustration out. What better way than to break things? So we broke things in a safe environment to relieve stress. As if this year was not ambitious enough, we had the most bands we've ever had. The following 8 bands performed:

Face Value (OH Hardcore Legends)

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Carl's Heating & Cooling EarthQuaker Devices The Black Market

All Rocks R Us

Also in attendance was Food by A Movable Feast, Beautiful Blasphemy Poetry, Portage Path Behavioral Health, and art by Elly Dallas and Tara Colando.


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